Welcome to heartfelt flowers…..

We are proud to say that we stand out from the crowd, creating unique pieces of art that will have everyone talking.  If you are looking for something just that little bit different from the traditional idea of wedding flowers, then please browse our menu of  alternative designs hand crafted with ribbons, silks and felts with buttons, crystals and all things crafty.

If you are concerned about the huge carbon footprint we are creating, then it makes sense to look for an eco-chic alternative without compromising any of the beauty that comes from holding your own individually created bouquet that is a keep-forever reminder of your special day that wont wilt and die, but with that added satisfaction that you are helping our planet.

We offer a bespoke service inviting you to suggest your own ideas as part of the creative process, but we are always happy to advise and offer quotes as part of our service.  Enquiries are always welcome.

happy browsing  …

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